Posted on Feb 22, 2011

The Ashby Historical Society is about to take a leap forward.  We are launching a new website in which we hope to expand our outreach to the local community.  We plan an interactive site, in which patrons can get information, not only about our society and the local events/historical programs we will be sponsoring, but will eventually be able to use the site as a tool for historical research. 

Progress does come at a cost.  In order to defray the costs of maintaining this website, we are seeking businesses and individuals that would be willing to sponsor our website.  All sponsors will be gratefully acknowledged (unless you prefer to remain anonymous) and a link will be provided to your place of business and/or website.  Space is limited, so we can include only the following:  Business Name, Contact Number, Address -OR -Brief slogan.  (Please refer to the samples on the sponsor remittance sheet enclosed.)
The minimum donation for sponsorship is $50 for one year, although we would gladly accept any additional contribution to our worthy endeavor.

We are excited about our new venture, and hope you are too.  Barring any unforeseen difficulties, the site should be up and running this month.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Posted on Feb 22, 2011

Dear Members,

Because of the lack of heat, our next meeting will be held at the Ashby Town Hall, in the planning room on February 1 at 7:30.  The lack of heat has caused me to postpone two events planned:  January's antique Gun exhibit and February's Spinning exhibition.   Until the heating situation is resolved (installed), we will not be able to hold events/programs at the AHS building.  The portable electric heaters that we have in the building now, only allow the temperature in the building to stay at 50 degrees, which is far to low to be comfortable. (Those that attended the January meeting in the AHS building will attest to the discomfort.) But the heat, such as it is, does prevent further damage to the artifacts.  If our heating situation is not resolved by February, I will hold the events at another location.

I am disappointed that things are not moving at a faster pace, but we are talking about repairing a town owned building and going through government channels.  Most of those hurdles have been jumped at this time.  On the agenda, we will be discussing the progress of the heating situation.  Tom has been in charge of bringing contractors through and receiving bids.  Hopefully by Tuesdays meeting, all of the bids will have been received and we can take the next step. 

Many of you may be wondering what has happened to our website.  We had a slow start making the website, as I was working around my daughter's school schedule.  In December, we were not able to load the  website, due to billing issues.  Comcast sent the bill to the physical address, not the P.O. Box which caused the bill to be in arrears and they cancelled service.  The bill has now been resolved - I hope and I will be loading the website shortly. 

I would urge as many of you as you can to attend the next meeting, as we will be voting on going forward with a rather large expenditure. 

I look forward to seeing you all.

Paula Bogue

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