Posted on Oct 20, 2011

Dear Members,

            On October 4, 2011, we held our annual meeting.  One of the first orders of business was to hold election for the office positions of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.   A voice call was made for anyone willing to submit their names.  No one came forward.   Given that we had no candidates, the elections were postponed until December of this year. 
            I will continue to be president until that time and Lillian Whitney has agreed to remain treasurer.  The Executive board consists of Elaine Keilty and Faith Antilla.  We are shy one member of the board and we do not have a vice president or secretary.    I am hoping that some of our members will step up and become more involved with the society. 
            Also discussed was our need to expand our membership roster.  As I stated in my previous letter to the members, we are an aging group.  Many of the members, who used to actively participate in the organization, can no longer take an active role because of their age and health issues.
            The members present agreed that we needed to have a membership drive that will include an introductory letter being sent to all residents of Ashby.   We will also hold a grand re-opening of the museum when the furnace is installed.   It will be a gala event that we hope will attract many of Ashby’s residents. 
            The heating system should be installed by the next month.  Tom Dorward is responsible for coordinating this.  Once this is done, I hope to have events that will attract many of our citizens.
            You will also note that we have updated the web site.  This new look is easier to negotiate and hopefully will attract more visitors.  We’ve had issues in the past in updating information.  However, shortly, a server will be installed at the Old Engine House that will enable us to load information directly to the web.  We are looking for sponsors, so if you would like to have your business sponsor this site, please go to the tab for sponsors and complete the online form. We want to use the new media available to attract younger people to the society. 
            We also discussed the fundraiser's that we will have this year.  I am hoping that when a new president emerges he or she will have their own agenda in this regard.  But we did, as a group, commit to participating in the usual activities, such as the 3rd of July pie sale, band concert hamburger stand sales and participating in the pumpkin festival. 
            Also discussed was the possibility of changing our monthly meeting time to make it more convenient for our members.  Many of our working members are just too tired at the end of the day to attend a long meeting (I know I often am) which is why we don’t have a lot of attendance or participation from the younger members.  I suggested having an alternate meeting date.  Although there was no consensus on this issue, I think I will try having a weekend meeting to see if that works better for some folks. 
            I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts regarding the actions and operation of the Ashby Historical Society.  Please email me directly at


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