February 8th, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm at Ashby Town Hall
Members present : Paula Boque, Dave Boutwell and Lillian Whitney

Lillian submitted a current financial statement showing income and expenditures from October to present : balance on 1/31/11 being $14,420.86
A vote was taken and approved to purchase a small inexpensive portable file case/organizer to ease with her recordkeeping.
Lillian submitted a voided check to Paula to enable the setup of an automatic withdrawal for monthly service for our new Society website service
Unitil utility bill was forwarded from the Ashby Historical Commission to Lillian to pay as the Society will now be taking over the Engine House utility responsibilities.
Discussion followed that their may be a discrepency in the membership list and in membership income as we have 2 or 3 different lists with different income figures that may show as much as a $500.00 difference. As Lillian had a Finance Committee meeting to go to, we will follow up to verify our current list and the income offset.
1/19/11, The Ashby board of selectmen voted to rewrite the lease between the Town and the Historical Society, making the Society responsible for the electric bill. This new lease would also give the Society more presence in how the building is maintained and upgraded. Discussion followed that we need to have a special meeting of officers and trustees to all have input in rewriting the lease with all our concerns and/or revisions to get back to Jennifer Collins.Snow removal and outside yard maintainence would be two priorities.
3 bids are now in hand for proposed heating system upgrades with a new furnace that will adequately heat the entire building more efficiently and allow increased building usage year-round. The bids need to be tweaked so that all three contractors are bidding on the exact same system and preservation restriction requirements. The Society had an energy audit done by Unitil and may qualify for rebates and/or credits for heating, insulation and lighting. More info on this will follow.
The final preparations are being made to get the Society's website up and running and it's the belief this will increase our visibility in Town and our interactive abilities with all our members and visitors. Hopefully business sponsorships and donations should defray the operating cost of this at $50.00 for a year sponsorship.

Meeting ajourned at approximately 9:00 pm
Respectfully submitted, Dave Boutwell
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Ashby Historical Society 2011